Monasse Films

Monassé was established by a group of teenagers’ way back in 1994 as an event management company. After coming in existence, it was instrumental in organizing various events and shows. 
Over the years these teenagers became wise and experienced and specialized in film making and now have extended the portfolio of their dream which will cater to the needs of all the aspects of films making. 
Monassé is one stop shop for the film related queries in India. We are group of highly professional, passionate and dedicated people for whom cinema is passion not business. We are perfectionists but dreamers too.
We have been involved with the pre-production, production and post-production of many cinematic ventures and provide flawless services for the same. Our production house has affiliations with national and international producers, award winning directors, DOPs, art directors and other film technicians. Our empanelled celebrity technicians will swear by it.
We have an extremely talented and committed scouting team which keeps a close eye on the undiscovered talent in India. Our TALENT BANK not only takes care of our internal production requirements but also suffices the requirements of our partner production houses too.
We can be your local production fixer in India & our production team operates from capital New Delhi and Mumbai as well.