Indian Diaspora, World is an initiative of Melwyn to bring together people of Indian origin from all across the globe.

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Welcome to Global Indian Diaspora Family!

The Indian diaspora has managed to make a mark globally in fields as diverse as academia, legal, arts, business, entertainment, healthcare, finance, media, philanthropy, politics, government, science, technology and more. India has been the cradle of great ideological thoughts. India has spearheaded the idea of AHIMSA (non-violence) promoting peace and harmony across the World.

Come be a part of a global network of Indian origin individuals from diverse backgrounds and professions who are committed to inspiring the diaspora to be a force for good by providing a platform to collaborate, build community engagement, and catalyze social change. Founder M W Chirayath invites you to be a part of the Global Indian Diaspora Family. Let’s make this world a better place by spreading the spirit of Indianism. Let the World take note of us as truly Human and lead by our example. Our Team, our members shall be committed to building stronger communities with a culture of giving and inspiring social change. We endeavour to engage culturally with the help of Indian wisdom passed on to us by our ancestors.

By sharing insight, hosting events and connecting people, the Indian Diaspora aims to bring together the professionally, geographically and religiously diverse people of Indian origin toward collective action worldwide.

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